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The Best of Tom Hess’ Student Feedback

Tom teaches correspondence guitar, music career mentoring, and guitar teacher training. Read on to see what his students have to say about Tom and the program:

Rovan Deon, correspondence guitar student. “Tom has the innate ability to hone in on whatever problems you have and immediately fix it for you. The lessons are very goal oriented, very detailed and Tom is very approachable. I consider Tom to be a master teacher. A master teacher is someone who cares about their students, who talks to their students, who shares with their students and gets them to the place that they need to be as a guitar player. And Tom, I will tell you, does all of that and more.”

Lauren Bateman, music career mentoring. “The money I invested into the Music Careers Mentoring Program is SO worth it because I would absolutely not be where I am today. It really helped me accelerate so much faster. I remember the producer when I was recording my album, he was so impressed with how quickly I was moving from one point to the next. He has worked with a lot of musicians and said that there are not too many people that had made as much progress and success and had moved as quickly as I have.”

Jacob Meling, elite guitar teachers inner circle. “Since joining the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, my guitar teaching skills have dramatically improved. My guitar teaching business went from complete crap to extremely well-off. Not only did it create a paradigm shift in my mind, you know it gave me every step I needed to for every problem I had. From being frustrated to this, it’s just helped me get through every road block that I could’ve possibly come up against with ease, I didn’t even have to struggle.”


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