The Latest Guitar Innovations

What’s New in Guitar Technology

While it’s always exciting to see what the established manufacturers have to offer in guitar innovations, some of the coolest and most innovative creations often occur on the periphery; through the visionary works of boutique operations and startups.

Jack. Jack is a smart Wi-Fi device that replaces your guitar cable with a “studio-quality 24-bit connection,” according to its creator John Crawford. Unlike existing wireless devices, it doesn’t use Bluetooth or radio technology, which are slow and cause a loss in fidelity. Crawford’s patent-pending technology could be used with any musical instrument or microphone to make it a Wi-Fi device.

Artiphon. The Artiphon Instrument 1 is a universal MIDI controller that lets you play it however you want: as a guitar, a keyboard, a drum kit, a violin, or anything else you can think of. Just connect it to your smartphone, tablet or computer and Artiphon lets you play hundreds of apps, like GarageBand, using common gestures like strumming, tapping, bowing, sliding and more. While the Artiphon lacks the traditional materials and features of a guitar, it makes for a handy composition tool; allowing guitarists to switch between their instrument, bass, drums and anything else they need.

Wond. The Wond lets you vibrate and sustain your guitar strings to create ethereal string- and flute-like sounds from any steel-stringed instrument. But unlike that historic effect, the Wond is an expressive accessory that’s as easy to use as a pick. You can control the power that the Wond applies to the strings simply by changing how hard you grip it. This changes the timbre of the string tones. The Wond also features tactile feedback; allowing you to feel the magnetism as it touches each string, making it easy to position the Wond on the strings.

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